Pictured (left to right): Tom White Paratus People, Jenny Devoy IoTSF, John Moor IoTSF & Piers Linney, Guest Speaker

EXPLIoT has been announced as the 2021 IoT Security Champion of the Year by the IoT Security Foundation

The award was presented by business entrepreneur and “Dragon’s Den” star Piers Linney at the TechWorks Annual Awards Ceremony held at the prestigious Leonardo St Pauls, London.

The IoTSF IoT Security Champion Award honours organisations who have demonstrated IoT security excellence in protecting their customers, business and the wider connected eco-system. The award judges were impressed by the impact that EXPLIoT is having and the multiplier effect of their efforts by acting as security ambassadors, by providing training, and their engineering tools which make a real difference to empowering IoT manufacturers to be secure by design.

This is the third year in which the award has been run with shortlisted companies Angoka, CENSIS and Crypto Quantique being commended by the award judges for their efforts to improve cybersecurity in IoT beyond their own products and services.

The EXPLIoT team could attend the event due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, therefore Jenny Devoy, Head of Member Engagement and John Moor, Managing Director of IoTSF collected the award on their behalf and the award is on its way to its worthy winner.

John Moor said “IoT security is a wicked challenge of our time, it is highly nuanced and has many facets which need attention and continuous improvement. It’s our mission at the IoT Security Foundation to help drive progress in all areas and we know that to do that successfully, it needs many collaborating partners from individuals, to companies and institutions, and to Governments. It’s therefore an honour to present the 2021 award to a company that works in multiple areas, and has an important amplifying effect in delivering better security.  On behalf of the Foundation I would like to say ‘congratulations’ for earning the award, and on behalf of all those that benefit from your work (yet may never know), I would like to say ‘thank you EXPLIoT'”.

IoT Security Champion Award Winner 2021

Award Sponsor

We are very grateful to Paratus People for sponsoring the IoT Security Champion Award from its launch in 2018, thank you for your continued support.

Paratus People was founded in 2016 and is based in Bristol UK with offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich and Santa Clara. Paratus People are a total talent solutions business providing augmented staffing solutions across the world – specialising in IoT. This ranges from the hiring of full-time permanent staff to interim and contract engagements, including managed services from poc through to implementation understatement of works.

Aside from Talent Solutions, Paratus People also power The IoT Podcast – (Google’s No1 IoT Podcast). On a mission to create a platform for the greatest thought leaders and pioneers in the IoT world to share their knowledge and insight into the future of IoT, showcasing their personal and professional involvement in the industry and to explain in simple terms to the wider world what these projects will mean in everyday life.

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About the Award

The IoT Security Champion Award is part of an on-going range of activities of IoTSF, designed to raise awareness and propagate cybersecurity best practices throughout industry, shape the policy debate, encourage investment and influence security-minded purchasing.