Takes next steps in ‘making it safe to connect’

Release Date: April 25th 2017

The Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF) announced today that it is to provide training to help developers and managers ensure they have the required knowledge to protect Internet connected products from hacking.

The provision of training is part of the Foundation’s mission to ‘make it safe to connect’, through education, best practice and by driving the quality and ubiquity of IoT security solutions.

The comprehensive course runs over 2 days and covers 8 major themes:
1. The IoT security landscape
2. Practical attacks, threats and risks
3. Best practices for IoT security
4. Securing Connected products
5. Hacking
6. Software updates and the security lifecycle
7. Disclosing vulnerabilities
8. Self-certification

Whilst there are no course pre-requisites, the course is aimed at managers and developers of IoT products and service solutions.

Professor Paul Dorey, Chairman, IoTSF commented
“I am delighted that we are commencing our training program and announcing our first training course. Best practice is most effective when it is reinforced with the right support mechanisms and we are complementing our guidance materials with expert delivered training. The first course has the needs of the time-challenged developer and manager firmly in mind. It is both practical and concise, and will accelerate the security knowledge of attendees to the point they are confident to secure a connected product from the outset.”

John Moor, Managing Director, IoTSF said

“Security is a fundamental requirement to the enablement of IoT across all sectors. Yet today we still see far too many headlines that show how poorly protected some products are when connecting to the Internet. The cost of insecurity could simply be a PR disaster for some, yet possibly terminal for other businesses. It is therefore vital that all IoT products and services have the right level of security features built in from the start. Today we take another step forwards in helping to build the Internet of Trust and address the all-too-common failings that currently undermine market confidence.”

IoTSF also announced that Copper Horse Solutions has been chosen as the lead training provider and bring significant training and subject matter expertise to the initiative. Professor David Rogers, CEO commented

“Too much emphasis is placed on cracking products after the fact and showboating about how bad IoT security is, without actually improving the situation. Good security starts with defensive design. We’re very pleased to have been selected to provide the first course and we hope to equip attendees with the tools they need to build a robust and resilient future.”

Training will start on the 4th and 5th of July at the UK’s Macdonald Windsor Hotel. Attendees of the course will also receive a certificate on completion and registered on the Foundations database.

Interested parties can find out more details on the IoT Security Foundation website at https://iotsecurityfoundation.org/iot-security-training

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