The IoT Security Foundation Conference 

The world’s longest-running conference dedicated to IoT cybersecurity.

This year’s one-day event takes place on 23rd October and we return to the modern majesty of the IET, London.

The Annual IoTSF Conference has built a loyal global following from the IoT stakeholder communities and is renowned for delivering high-quality conference programmes and as this is the 10th Annual Conference, we would like your help to make it special.

Our theme is therefore, IoT Security: Past, Present and Future.

Advances in quantum computing and the democratisation of AI/ML in recent years have added more threats, yet have also given us more tools to use in our defences. New approaches such as zero trust and continuous assurance processes continue to evolve. Getting the basics right with training, certifications and audits continue to be trusted staples.

Highlights of our 2023 conference

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Frequently asked questions

What’s included with the ticket?

Ticket price includes a full conference day pass, refreshments, buffet lunch and drinks reception.

Member ticket: What if I’m unable to attend?

We know that plans can change! If you cant make it to an event – to help manage our costs – please let us know as soon as possible, no less than 7 days in advance. If you fail to attend the event without prior notice, we reserve the right to invoice your company for the full cost of a non-member ticket. Thank you for understanding.

Non-Member / Professional Member ticket: Refund Policy

Refunds will be given for cancelled tickets up until 7 days before the event. Refund amount will be the original ticket price minus administration fees. Tickets purchased within 7 days of the event are non-refundable.

If I cant attend, can someone go in my place?

Yes, just email us the details to [email protected].

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Present at the IoT Security Foundation Conference

If you’ve got something important to say on a whole range of subjects related to improving the status of IoT, now or in the future, we’d like to hear it and invite you to submit a talk proposal.

If you would like to guarantee a speaking slot, we would encourage you to take one of our limited sponsorship packages – they’re very cost-effective (see our sponsorship guide).

Talk Themes

Our attendees will be interested in business, technical, operational, standards, regulatory, educational and policy-related themes. Some of those themes may include (but are not limited to):

  • New or emerging themes in IoT security
  • All themes related to the defence against AI/automated attacks
  • Using AI/ML to improve IoT security
  • Zero trust environments
  • Cryptography
  • Standards and certification
    • We are keen to hear practical examples of effective (cost and efficacy) third-party certification schemes
  • The economics of IoT security
  • Automation and continuous assurance
  • Updates on the latest threat landscape, attacks and how to avoid them.
  • Best practice for building/engineering ‘secure by design’ and/or ‘secure by default’ products and/or systems
  • Testing IoT products (hardware and software) – against common and emerging attacks
  • How to’ specify fit for purpose security when purchasing
  • Securing the supply chain
  • Software bill of materials and open source
  • Maintaining security and/or achieving resilience throughout the lifecycle
  • Emerging research or intelligence
  • Ethical hacking of IoT systems
  • Ethical design for security and privacy
  • Use cases: application specific examples of cyber security best practice in context e.g.:
    • Automotive
    • Critical Infrastructure
    •  Healthcare
    •  Industrial/Industry 4.0/Manufacturing
    • Smart Buildings / Smart Cities / Connected Places
  • Practical “How To’s” (or how not to…) – e.g.
    • How to manage secure updates
    • How to build a secure and agile development culture
    • Respond to a security breach
    • Build an effective vulnerability and/or bug-bounty program
    • Assess your liability and risk
    • Threat modelling
  • Real life experiences/war stories/lessons learned

Submitting a Talk Proposal

To submit a paper presentation to be considered for the IoTSF Conference, please complete the submission form  with the following details:

  • Presentation Theme
  • Presentation Title
  • Presentation Abstract
  • Speaker Biography & Photo
  • Key audience takeaways

Presentations are to be made in English.

Regular speaking slots are nominally 20 minutes in duration (inclusive of Q&A) however if you prefer a ‘lightening talk’ slot, these are nominally allocated as 10 minutes. Slot duration will be confirmed as part of the acceptance process.

  • Once received, we will acknowledge receipt.
  • Submissions will be reviewed by representatives of IoTSF at regular intervals and assessed on the content’s merit and relevance to the conference.
  • Once reviewed and concluded, applicants will be notified.
  • Successful applicants should confirm their availability for the day.

Guidance for Speakers

It’s great that you have something to say, however be clear about your message to the audience – your talk may be good but if the audience is left with a feeling of “so what?” then we’ve collectively failed. When submitting make sure you spell out the key takeaways that you intend to leave with the audience and what will make it worth their while listening to you. This also helps our talk assessors when selecting talks for the conference hence we encourage you to consider this carefully.

  • Abstracts must clearly detail the nature, scope, content, key points and significance of the proposed presentation to aid the assessment process.
  • The audience has come to hear a talk about a subject that is of interest to them. Direct or overt sales presentations are unwelcome at this event and will not be accepted. It is acceptable to position where the talk is coming from – i.e. the company / individual and the area of interest you have, generally one slide at the beginning usually suffices.
  • It is standard practice to record talks at the IoTSF conference and, at our discretion, publish after the event. Should you prefer not to have your talk published you must inform us with written instruction (email) before or on the conference day. We will confirm your preference.

If you have any queries regarding the submission process, please contact us – [email protected]

Sponsor the IoT Security Foundation Conference

As a not-for-profit organisation, we welcome your interest and support for the conference. We have a number of sponsorship opportunities on offer which help us to cover our costs.

Sponsoring IoTSF’s 2024 Conference will deliver a number of promotional benefits for your organisation whilst contributing to our shared mission to build secure, buy secure and be secure.

Why Sponsor?

The IoTSF Annual Conference attracts a wide range of stakeholder groups and decision-makers throughout the event lifecycle – in the build-up, during the event itself, and once the event has taken place and provides the perfect environment to not only promote your brand, but to build lasting relationships with customers and get to know other businesses:

  • Build reputation & increase brand visibility
  • Unique access to our IoT Security community and stakeholders
  • Lead generation & sales
  • New business partnerships
  • Strengthen relationships with existing customers – most of our packages include guest passes and can be added to other sponsorship options on request
  • Post-conference networking – a drinks reception accompanies the conference.