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Member benefits, along with a comparison, can be seen on the benefits page.

For credit card payments, follow the prompts and pay by credit card using our Sagepay account.
If requesting an invoice, complete the application form (downloaded after clicking the option), and return via email for processing.  This option is for corporate charter membership only.

Why Join?

Connect and be part of a growing global community united in driving the security, safety and general health of IoT.

Benefits are rich and derived in many ways – directly and indirectly – across stakeholder interests:

  • Keep up to date and be part of the foremost IoT security conscious community.
  • Learn from / consult the experts.
  • Offer your expertise.
  • Benefit from our best practice guides and self-certification scheme.
  • Contribute to our publications.
  • Help direct our work to make resilient security practice simple to consume.

IoT Vendors: If you are security aware and providing products and/or security solutions – we’re looking for leaders to help drive change:

  • Benchmark your organisation with best practice and peers.
  • Better your profile as a leader in the global IoT security community.
  • Showcase your responsibility in protecting your customers.
  • Promote security and trust throughout the supply chain.
  • Help to ensure the IoT industry grows with greater integrity by eliminating malpractices.

Users, specifiers, purchasers & buyers, operators, maintainers or other beneficiaries of IoT technology:

  • We can help you understand what good / appropriate security looks like.
  • We can guide you on what you should be asking for to ensure your long-term security hygiene.
  • Influence the agenda – we will create tailored guidance for specific groups or applications driven by members interests.

Membership Fees

  • All fees are payable in £ (British pound), per annum, and exclusive of applicable sales taxes.
  • Corporate charter membership fees are based on organisational headcount.
  • Membership runs for one year from the date of application acceptance, are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Renewals are issued automatically and are due at the anniversary date.
  • Membership fees are reviewed annually and updated from time to time as necessary to ensure provision of services – IoTSF will always notify members of such changes before they happen.
  • IoTSF is committed to providing a valuable service to you/your organisation, wider industry and society. In the event that you/your organisation does not wish to renew membership at the anniversary date, you may notify us of cancellation within 30 days of the renewal notice without penalty.
  • IoTSF reserves the right to charge statutory interest for late payments.

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Pay by Card/Invoice

Pay by Card

Membership Fees from 1st April 2022

Corporate Charter Membership
No. of Employed Staff
Membership Fee (£)
1-10 445
11-20 895
21-50 1795
51-100 2945
101-250 4445
251-750 5245
750+ 6945
Academic Institutions 645
Professional Membership (for individuals) 99