Selected Talks from the Internet of Things Security Foundation Conference 2015

Held at the Royal Society – London


“Vulnerabilities in the Internet of Things”

Ken Munro – Pen Test Partners

Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners describes how weak mobile code has led us to a great many IoT vulnerabilities.


“Security in the Medical Internet of Things”

Caroline Rivett – KPMG

Caroline Rivett of KPMG explains the challenges the IoT brings to the healthcare industry.


“Securing the Internet of Things” 

Simon Moore – Secure Thingz

Simon Moore, CTO of Secure Thingz compares the Internet of Things as a slow-motion train wreck and discuses how we prevent it…


“The Opportunity for Security in the IoT market”

Robin Duke-Woolley – Beecham Research

Robin Duke-Woolley, Beecham Research, CEO Beecham Research explains why security is not a cost, but an enabler for IoT and gets…


“Mind the gaps: why we need new, truly open, multi-domain heterogeneous solutions”

Tony King-Smith – Imagination Technologies

Tony King-Smith, member of the prpl Foundation board, talks about the need for open standards, why security isn’t keeping…


“IoT Security – it’s not just the devices”

Tim Hahn – IBM

IBM’s Chief Architect for IoT security explains why IoT is distinctly different to what has come before, yet the system security issues…


“So who owns the security of IoT?”

Paul Dorey – Royal Holloway University of London

Prof. Paul Dorey provides his thoughts on who is responsible for security in IoT. During this talk, Prof. Dorey reviews the history of…


“What I Learned about IoT by Hacking the Tesla Model S”

Marc Rogers – CloudFlare

Marc Rogers, head of infosec at Cloudflare Inc., explains how he hacked a $90,000 Tesla, how they responded and his thoughts on…