IoT Security Foundation Conference 2017

Held at the IET Savoy Place, London

The conference looked at what it takes to build an Internet of Trust, what is underway, what we can learn from the past to predict the future and the necessary duties of care providers and adopters need to ensure.

The 2017 IoTSF Conference had a senior and expert level line up of speakers – view a selection of talks from the day below.

“Great Expectations (or, A Tale Of Two Kettles)”

Gareth Long, CTO – Smarter

The CTO of Smarter – the company that makes the iKettle – talks about IoT security, how they got it wrong, the impact it had, and how they put it right. Gareth also explains how the experience affected the company’s design philosophy and the importance it holds for Smarter’s customers.

“Securing the IoT: High-speed Cryptography and Edward Snowden”

Prof. Christof Parr

It is widely accepted that security will be a central aspect in the evolution of the Internet of Things. It is sometimes less clear what the specific security challenges of the IoT are. In this talk, we will look at the role that the computing hardware plays in this context.

“Ethics and the Internet of Things”

Prof. Tom Sorrell

Professor Sorrell provides a taster talk outlining the serious ethical concerns with the advent of IoT applications and questions the justification of giving up privacy (security) for unimportant benefits.

“Research Institute in Secure Hardware & Embedded Systems (RISE)”

Professor Maire O’Neill

An introduction to the newly formed virtual research institute at the IoT Security Foundation’s annual conference.

“Living, Working and Moving in the IoT”

Prof. Rachel Cooper

Prof. Cooper explains how digital design fiction can help us understand market and human factors for adoption and security. In this taster talk, Prof. Cooper outlines several key PETRAS projects which provide insights as to how we, as humans, are dealing with the reality of living between the virtual and physical worlds.

“Places, Memories, and the Internet of Things”

Dr. Duncan Hay

Dr. Hay summarises findings of practical trust and security considerations through an ethical research project seeking answers to the following questions: How will people engage with IoT technology in the public realm?

“Automotive Digital Resilience & Survivability”

Peter Davies

In the face of cyber-attacks it must be possible to understand how remediation may be rapidly applied.

“IoT Security Foundation Chairman’s Address”

Prof. Paul Dorey

Professor Paul Dorey gives his opening address at the 2017 IoT Security Foundation conference. Prof. Dorey summarizes reflections of the past 30 years in cyber security to distill insights for the critical success factors for the future of IoT security.

“Developing Secure Applications”

David Kallberg

Future-proof software tools and services for embedded development, enabling companies worldwide to create the products of today and the innovations of tomorrow.

“Zero Touch Secure Device Onboarding and Management”

Jan Krueger

Jan Krueger discussed security breaches – how they happen and how to stop them.

“Applications & Practicality for Device Security”

Daniel Lee

Daniel discusses hardware-based security solutions to make trusted and safe world of Internet of Things.

“Applied IoT Security for Healthcare and Industrial”

Paul Lockley

Paul discusses the security challenges for IoT and how Device Authority can help find solutions.

“The Business Case for Security”

Management Panel Session

Business Panel Session asking how we move from cost and fear to value and opportunity at the IoT Security Foundation’s annual conference 2017.

“Uncovering the Risk of Things”

Jonathan Marshall & Callum Wilson

Jonathan Marshall & Callum Wilson discuss the IoT risks home users face when using a number of popular commercial devices.

“IoT Security Workshop For Product Managers”

Richard Marshall

Richard discusses IoT Product development challenges, strategies for dealing with them and what can happen if you don’t.

“Hacking Buildings: security flaws in embedded building control systems”

Ken Munro

Recorded at the IoT Security Foundation’s Annual Conference: Knowing Its Safe To Connect.

“An IoT security solution based on 10 years of experience in VoIP technology”

Tim Panton

Tim uses current hacking activities to highlight flaws in their systems and how they can be avoided.

“Secure Architectures for the IoT”

Neil Parris

Recorded at the IoT Security Foundation’s Annual Conference: Knowing it’s Safe to Connect.

“Secure Programming & Provisioning”

Helmut Pflaum

Recorded at the IoT Security Foundation’s Annual Conference: Knowing it’s Safe to Connect.

“Enabling a Secure IoT from Design to Deployment”

Haydn Povey

Recorded at the IoT Security Foundation’s Annual Conference: Making it Safe to Connect