The IoT Security Foundation has a mission to help secure the Internet of Things and ‘make it safe to connect’. We do this with a combination of activities such as producing best practice materials, frameworks, reference architectures, policy perspectives, industry reports, events, advocacy, special projects and outreach.

IoTSF believes that cyber security is a team sport which spans the globe, and we therefore encourage collaboration at all levels, in all aspects – from product developers to purchasers to government policy. 

IoTSF regional Chapters are a ‘grassroots activity’ and support our mission by:

  • Maximising the proliferation of high quality IoT cyber security good practice
  • Highlighting specific local issues and enabling solutions
  • Production of good practice materials: Extending contributions into working groups and creation of new working groups
  • Translating best practice materials for wider consumption
  • Extending the Foundation’s reach and promoting membership
  • Exploring liaisons and collaborations with local institutions
  • Developing relationships with National governments
  • Raising awareness of, and helping to align international policy, reducing risk of divergent standards and practice

If you are interested in establishing your own chapter, please read more here.