IoT Security Foundation Conference 2023 Videos

The Annual IoTSF Conference has built a loyal global following from the IoT stakeholder community and is renowned for delivering high-quality conference programmes. Our theme for our 9th Annual Conference was AI. 

We’d like to extend a final thank you to all our amazing speakers, the event sponsors, partners and the IoT Security Foundation membership for making our conference such a great success.

Securing the IoT in the Era of AI

Welcome and introduction

John Moor, Managing Director, IoT Security Foundation

Autonomous Cyber Defence

Anna Knack, Lead Researcher, Centre for Emerging Technology and Security and Senior Research Associate, Defence and Security Programme, The Alan Turing Institute

 Iot Security Foundations for an AI world

Richard Gisenthwaite, Executive Vice President and Chief Architect, Arm

 Strategy. Ethics and Governance

Panel session with Stephen Pattison (Arm), Nick Allott (NquiringMinds), Mike Prince (Vodafone) and Carsten Maple (Univ. of Warwick).  Chaired by Tim Snape (Artificial Intelligence Group Ltd)


AI and Cybersecurity : the Future of Security

Keynote : Ben Azvine, Global Head of Security Research, BT Group

Secure Networking by Design

Professor Andrew Martin, Professor of Systems Security, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford

Monitoring and managing trustworthy systems from IOT to AI

Nick Allott, CEO, NquiringMinds

Cybersecurity – Shared Responsibility

Kieran Byrne, Leader of Architecture & Engineering (A&E) Program, Axis Communications

AI Policy Challenges to Security Processes

Mo Ahddoud, Chief Information Security Officer, Chameleon Cyber Consultants

Mental Health in Cybersecurity

Sarb Sembhi, CTO, Virtually Informed  followed by panel – “Collaborative Solutions for a Safer SBE” – Mo Ahddoud , Kieran Byrne , Nigel Stanley (Jacobs) & Alan Jenkins (Cyber Security Navigator)

Radio Equipment Directive Cyber regulation and what you need to know

Richard Marshall, Founder and Director at Xitex

Connected but at Risk: IoT Stakeholders and Looming Vulnerability Disclosure Regulation

David Rogers (CEO) and Rohan Panesar (Cyber Security Standards and Policy Specialist), Copper Horse Ltd

 UK PSTI: The Legal Requirements and How to Satisfy Them

Jason Blake, IoT Certification Scheme Manager, The IASME Consortium Ltd


Product Security – challenges, successes, and learnings

Dr Carolina Adaros, Product Security Expert, Bosch Security Systems

Operationalising Zero Trust in the era of AI

Tyler Gannon, Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategic Alliances, Device Authority

Protected or Porous: A Comparative Analysis of Threat Detection Capability of IoT Safeguards

Anna Maria Mandalari, Assistant Professor, UCL

Designing IoT Devices in the AI Era

Ian Pearson, Pr. Embedded Solutions Engineer, Microchip Technology Inc.

Device Private Networks – Zero Trust is the way forward

Dr Syed Zia, Security Engineer and Cryptographer, ANGOKA

Securing the AI supply chain

Xander Heemskerk, Director Product Security, Royal Philips

Mining for relevant vulnerabilities in connected devices

Florian Lukavsky, CTO, ONEKEY

The Future of IoT Security

Shahram Mossayebi, Senior Software Engineer, Crypto Quantique