Call For Interest

This page is to advertise members interest in forming an IoTSF Chapter in their region. Once a chapter has been successfully established, the advertisementwill be removed and the Chapter added to the Chapter Directory.


There are IoTSF members in Sweden who would like to form a Chapter.

If you would like to be part of the founding team or be placed on the distribution list as plans develop, please send an email as shown below. Please note that IoTSF Chapters are intended to operate within a metropolitan-sized area (see Regional Coverage ) however some regions – such as Sweden – may operate better in a larger geographical coverage.

How to get involved in the formation of a Swedish Chapter

You can also see the Swedish webinar in the sidebar with the following speakers

  • Christer Åhlund, Chaired Professor in Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Luleå University
  • Gustav Söderlind, Executive Officer, Myndigheten för Samhällsskydd och Beredskap (MSB)
  • Haydn Povey – CEO & Founder, Secure Thingz Ltd, and member of the Executive Steering Board at IoT Security Foundation
  • John Moor, Managing Director, IoT Security Foundation
  • Olle Bergdahl, Programme Director, IoT Sweden Moderator: Leif Häggmark, Dataföreningen

Watch the webinar