Thank you for your Interest in Membership

This form is to be used by new member applicants, it collects information necessary to administer your membership and provides information as to how members pledge their organisation to the shared mission and appropriate conduct towards others.

Logo Usage

  • Applicants are required to submit high resolution brand logo(s) to IoTSF along with this application.
  • When accepted, and for the duration of membership, members may use the IoTSF member logo on marketing materials including, but not limited to, websites, brochures, presentations and business cards.
  • IoTSF will list member logos on its website in recognition of the support of the mission of IoTSF.

Use of Information

  • Applicant agrees that IoTSF and its representatives may send it communications as they pertain to IoTSF-related activities via email.
  • Members agree to provide additional information – such as membership surveys or opinions – from time to time to support the mission of IoTSF.
  • IoTSF will not share contact name(s) or email addresses listed with any third party without contact’s consent.


  • IoTSF is a membership service of TechWorksHub Limited, Registration No: SC170059
  • IoTSF seeks to operate its administration effectively and efficiently.
  • Members agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out to support this intention including provision of information, payment of fees or notices required to make administrative adjustments.
  • Please make sure that you have visited the Constitution section and have read and agree to the conditions of membership and spirit of the Foundation prior to submitting your membership application.


Corporate Charter Membership
No. of Employed Staff
Membership Fee (£)
1-10 445
11-20 895
21-50 1795
51-100 2945
101-250 4445
251-750 5245
750+ 6945
Academic Institutions 645
Professional Membership (for individuals) 99

    If you have any problem using this form, please email [email protected]