IoT Security Foundation Conference 2018

Held at the IET Savoy Place, London

The 4th Annual IoT Security Foundation Conference was a one-day event that followed on from the 2017 ‘Knowing It’s Safe To Connect’ and 2016 ‘Building an Internet of Trust’Conference at IET Savoy Place, 2015’s IoTSF Conference held at the Royal Society and the original IoT Security Summit at Bletchley Park.

The 2018 IoTSF annual conference brought vendors and users together with security experts, researchers and key stakeholders to discuss security “in the round”.

Track 1 – Executive

” Keynote Presentation : Packets &
Policy, IoT Cyber Policy Landscape”

Beau Woods, I am the Calvary

” IoT Privacy: Emerging Frameworks and Strategies”

Dr. Gilad Rosner, IoT Privacy Forum

“Engaging with IoT Security Best Practices”

Richard Marshall, IoTSF Plenary Chair

” Chairman’s Address”

Prof. Paul Dorey, IoTSF Chair 

” IoTSF Keynote: Coming off the bottom: What has been learned and what to expect from IoT security”

Tyson Macauley, Infosec Global

Track 2 – Technical

” Authenticating Wireless Nodes in Building Automation: Challenges and Approaches”

Prof. Andreas Rüst Zurich University of Applied Sciences – Institute of Embedded Systems Winterthur, Switzerland

“Understanding the Principles of a Secure Development Workflow”

Chris Jones, Secure Thingz

“GDPR Privacy Implications for the Internet of Things”

Daniel Bastos & Fabio Giubilo, BT

Track 3 – Technical

“IoT Security at the Edge”

Ian Goetz, Mobile Solutions

“Supporting Secure Code for IoT Devices
in Mainstream Compiler Tool Chains”

Jeremy Bennett. Embecosm

“Scaling ip IoT Security”

Leo Dorrendorf, VDOO

“A Quantum of Safety Rooting Trusting in a Quantum World”

Mike Brown, ISARA

“Networks are inherently insecure – IoT needs Zero-Trust”

Philip Griffiths, Netfoundry

“Simple Steps to Secure your IoT Devices”

Rob Dobson, Device Authority

“Security Management in an IoT Driven World.”

Sean Gulliford, Gemserv

“Leveraging on core MNOs’ assets to provide IoT Security Services”

Vicente Segura Gualde, Telefonica

“Overcoming the safety and security barriers to autonomous vehicle deployment”

Prof Carsten Marple, WMG and Colin Robbins, Nexor

“From Zero to Security Hero, making products that are secure by design”

Dr Carl Shaw, Cerebus Security Labs