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Streamed live on the final Thursday of the month and hosted by yours truly, our expert webinars explore important aspects of IoT cybersecurity in bite-sized chunks.

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Christopher Bennison, Member Engagement Manager

April 2024

In this webinar , Parm Singh (IoTSF/TechWorks) was our special guest presenter and we were joined by Toby Wilmington of qomodo with the topic ‘Threats to XIoT and how can we secure it?’

In his presentation, Toby, CEO of qomodo introduced us to the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) and share their recent analysis on the evolving threat landscape of these interconnected technologies.

Now that industrial networks are converging with the internet, which is being enabled with XIoT – it is more important now than ever that we understand what the threats are and what we can do about them.

As UK PSTI comes to the fore, we also revisited this hot topic with Andrew Mullen of Beko.

The reality of PSTI is what manufacturers are currently dealing with. Hear how a Global manufacturer like Beko approaches, monitors and gets involved in developing legislation.

Following an Honours degree in Electronic engineering, Andrew has spent nearly 35 years working for major brands in White Goods and Consumer Electronics.

During that time, he’s had responsibility for After sales, product Safety & regulatory compliance as well as New Product & technology development including Flat panel and Digital TV development.

He was actively involved in DTG during the formation of standards and the launch of Digital Terrestrial TV in the UK, and worked with DTG Testing (a partner in Safeshark) from its inception.

For the last 18 years he’s worked for Beko PLC where he is currently the Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs specialist – this involves working with R&D teams in the UK and Turkey to ensure products are safe, durable and compliant, bringing a sustainability focus.

He is the chair of the BSI CPL/59 committee that looks after performance standards of appliances and is interim chair of the AMDEA Smart Appliance panel.

From an electrical waste perspective, he chairs the Joint Trades Association, a group of 11 Trade associations impacted by the WEEE Directive, and he is a Non-Exec Director of Repic, a WEEE Compliance scheme.

Back Catalogue

March 2024

In February we had an automotive special, so this month it’s aviation (perhaps we’ll do rail one day soon to complete the planes, trains and automobiles set!)

Aviation IoT, or Internet of Things in aviation, refers to the use of connected devices and sensors to improve various aspects of the aviation industry. This technology allows for real-time monitoring of aircraft systems, predictive maintenance, fuel efficiency optimization, and enhanced passenger experiences. By collecting and analysing data from different sources, aviation IoT helps airlines and airports operate more efficiently, increase safety, and provide better services to passengers.

Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners and Lee Speakman of the University of Salford joined us for this months webinar.

Ken has been working in IT security for over 15 years. He writes for various newspapers and industry magazines and is a regular source of comment and sanity on IoT issues to various news agencies and the BBC.

Lee is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Salford. He is the Course leader for Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence and Forensics.

February 2024

The IoTSF and AESIN joined forces for this (automotive special) broadcast on Thursday 29th February 2024. We were thrilled to confirm our guests Lee Harrison of Siemens and Paul Wooderson of Horiba Mira.  Lee shared insights on SDVs (software defined vehicles) in this automotive-focused hour-long broadcast while Paul’s presentation focussed on hardware security.

January 2024

The IoTSF Monthly Webinar with Scott Register, VP Security Solutions at Keysight Technologies and his presentation “Test or Die – don’t fall victim to IOT security holes” and Michael Richardson, Chief Scientist at Sandelman Software Works who presents “Notoriously insecure: The tragedy of the commons in home network security”

November 2023

PSTI Legislation & Enforcement with our speakers Jonathan Angwin, Head of Product Security Legislation and Maria Bormaliyska, Deputy Head of Product Security Legislation followed by a video presentation by Paul W, Cryptography and Hardware Security Expert at NCSC.

Part 2 was on Enforcement with Veena Dholiwar, Head of Enforcement and Evidence and Warda Hassan, Deputy Head of Enforcement policy.

October 2023

IoT Security and PUFs – why are they not more popular? with our speaker, Shahram Mossayebi of Crypto Quantique.  In an era where IoT is reshaping industries and our daily lives, ensuring the security of IoT devices is paramount.  One of the most intriguing yet relatively lesser-known technologies in this realm is Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs).  Despite their immense potential to bolster IoT security, PUFs remain somewhat underutilised and misunderstood within the industry.  Join us as we delve into the world of IoT security and PUFs to unravel the reasons behind their limited adoption.  We’ll explore the strengths, challenges and untapped possibilities of PUFs, shedding light on how they can fortify IoT ecosystems against emerging threats.

Plus, IoT security for connected medical devices – the FDA raises the bar again. What does this mean for IoT Security? with our speaker, Andy Bridden, Digital Trust and Cyber Security and IoT expert

September 2023

Threat Modelling for Beginners with our speakers, IASME’s Jason Blake and Secarma’s Jennifer Williams.

August 2023

DSIT’s enterprise IoT cyber policy with our speakers, James Deacon and Rhys Duncan both of the UK government’s Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT).

July 2023

Zero Trust Architecture from First Principles with our speaker, Patrick English, CTO of Zero Trust Solutions

June 2023

Engineering Trustworthy AI. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformative technologies of our time. It has the potential to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, however, it also poses risks and in recent years as the field has exploded, there have been growing concerns about those risks.

Elon Musk, for example, has warned that AI could be potentially more dangerous than nuclear weapons. With two prominent experts in the field, Dr. Nick Allott and Professor Subramanian Ramamoorthy, this Zoom webinar will explore how we can engineer AI systems so that they are trustworthy.

This event is delivered in partnership with TechWorks connected communities IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF), Automotive Electronic Systems Innovation Network (AESIN) and Technology Network for Embedded Systems (TechNES). It is an open event for members and guests.

May 2023

The Industrial IoT (IIoT) with Alexandru Suditu, Director of Cyber Security at ENEVO Group and one of the Founders of IoTSF’s Bucharest Chapter.  Joining him from Calgary is Paul Smith, CTO of SCADAfence. The topics are “How IIoT changes the paradigm of operational control, exploring how it enables management of modern distributed energy grids” (Alex) and “Predictive analytics, the upside of telemetry to the cloud creates a gaping hole in security” (Paul).

April 2023

The European Cyber Resilience Act and international cybersecurity labelling.  Before going on sale to the European market, the CRA will require network-connected hardware, software and services to meet essential cybersecurity requirements. It will place obligations on manufacturers to maintain their security throughout the product lifecycle.  Florian Lukavsky, CTO of ONEKEY, will be talking us through the CRA.

Joining him to speak about global OT/IoT evaluation, certification and cybersecurity labelling will be Matt Tett (who spoke at IoTSF’s annual conference this past October in London).  With Singapore, USA, Finland, Germany and India all still trying to determine a consumer safety model, this is very much a hot topic.

Matt is an Advisor and Subject Matter Expert for IoT Security Mark who operate the global IoT Security Trust Mark™ Certification and voluntary cyber security labelling scheme.

March 2023

Smart Built Environment Guidance for Facilities Professionals. In this webinar we discuss new Guidance from the IoT Security Foundation on IoT Security for Facilities Professionals and focus on Smart Built Environments.

The IoTSF formed a Smart Building working group in 2017 to look at the issue of risk to buildings from cyber attacks.

The topic has become more important over the years and leaders from the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) joined to help write relevant and important guidance for facilities professionals and the key stakeholders they need to work with to manage the risk effectively.

In larger organisations, this will include cyber and physical security teams and be part of a general enterprise risk management strategy. But for many SMEs there will be fewer experts to help and this guidance indicates what needs to be done. It takes the view that by identifying the risk and requirements that the organisation will be more resilient.

We are delighted to welcome Sarb Sembhi, Co-Chair of the Smart Built Environment working group and IoTSF Executive Steering Board member.

Joining him will be James Willison, Co-Chair of the IoTSF Smart Built Environment working group.

What could be more important than securing our buildings against cyber attacks if our systems and the technology falls down?

February 2023

IoT and the Software Bill of Materials. A ‘software bill of materials’ (SBoM) has emerged as a key building block in software security and software supply chain risk management. IoTSF will soon publish best practice guidance to help vendors and the industry understand the relevance to IoT and navigate the nuances of SBoM. Our speakers are Allan Friedman US Senior Advisor and Strategist, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Amyas Phillips Ambotec & IoTSF Supply Chain Integrity Project Chair & Robert Dobson Vice President Technology Partners, Device Authority.

January 2023

New Consumer Security IoT report: Update on UK PSTI Bill. This month, the IoT Security Foundation published the fifth report on Consumer IoT Vulnerability Disclosure Policy Status. The desk-based research for the study was carried out during the summer of 2022 by Copper Horse Ltd., who are experts in mobile and IoT security.

The PSTI Bill was enacted this past December with Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport as the sponsoring Government department. What does this Act mean? What’s next and what do the affected parties (manufacturers, importers, and distributors) need to know/be aware of?

Speakers are Rohan Panesar of Copper Horse and Jonathan Angwin of DCMS.