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Guest speaker: Hiran Ravat, Head of IoT Business Development and Partnerships at CSL Group followed by Q & A

SBOMs (Software Bill of Materials) provide a way to describe the functional sub components of a software system. Their usage is increasingly being “required” by governments to increase transparency and provide improved cyber protections. NquiringMinds are developing a tool (soon to be open sourced) that will help navigate the relationship between SBOM components and vulnerabilities (CVES). The goal is to provide comparable metrics on the safety of systems, with a particular focus on measuring the impact of memory safety interventions.

We will be giving a brief overview of the tool’s development to date, and inviting input on future features and indeed potential collaborators.

Dr. Nick Allott will provide updates on working group projects and policies.

Please contact James Willison for registration details at [email protected]

We encourage you to join our slack channel to participate in the project.

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