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What can be done to protect America’s critical infrastructure from cyberattack?

Defending America’s critical infrastructure—the refineries, power plants, water treatment facilities, and other industrial assets that we depend on every day—from cyberattack requires a workforce trained and skilled in operational technology (OT).  OT, unlike information technology (IT), focuses on the automation of vital control systems, processes, and equipment underpinning industrial and manufacturing operations. To help business and industry leaders learn how to meet this critical challenge, the Automation Federation and Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) are co-sponsoring:

Developing the OT Workforce to Protect our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure
Wednesday 5th April 2017  09:00-13:00
Regional Center for Workforce Education and Training
NOVA campus
Woodbridge, Virginia


This unique conference will feature presentations by leading experts in OT cybersecurity and workforce development. To register (at no cost) and view the agenda, click here. But don’t delay as space is limited!

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