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The Internet of Things Thames Valley Meetup group is open (free) for business, academic, public sector and technical professionals interested in the ‘Internet of Things’ who wish network, share knowledge and experiences and develop business opportunities.


We are pleased to share that IoTSF Member, Ken Munro from Pen Test Partners will be presenting.

Ken Munro has been working in IT security for over 15 years. He writes for various newspapers and industry magazines, and regularly advises the broader press and news broadcasters. He works at Pen Test Partners who specialise in helping organisations understand and quantify risk to their business. In an effort to get beyond the unhelpful FUD put about by many security vendors Ken speaks widely on computer security, the Internet of Things, and takes great pleasure in highlighting vulnerabilities.


Ken’s talk will cover the following:

OK, Put a Wi-Fi Module in it. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
“From kettles to toys and even cars, it seems there is nothing that cannot be internet enabled and controlled with an app. There are downsides though. Such as when a product leaks information, or can be used to sabotage a network, or even endanger personal safety? With live demos you’ll see how popular devices can be hacked and abused, and what can be done to prevent it.”

For more information, please visit the Internet of Things Thames Valley Meetup website.

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