The IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF) is delighted to announce the establishment of its first regional chapter in the United States, based in Houston, Texas.

The announcement marks a significant step forward in global collaboration to address the many critical issues of IoT cybersecurity.

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, the need for robust security measures across IoT domains has never been more pressing. Malign actors pose a constant threat to the integrity and privacy of connected devices and systems. The nature of cybersecurity is, by definition, borderless hence to combat this challenge, international collaboration is paramount. The establishment of IoTSF chapters fosters both global, and local networks of experts working together to defend against cyber threats and ensure the ongoing safety of IoT systems.

Within that context, IoTSF is proud to introduce the four visionary founders who are spearheading the IoTSF Houston Chapter:

Durgesh Kalya , OT Security/Network Expert, Covestro
Sameer Koranne, Global OT Lead – Incident Response, IBM
Roya Gordon,  OT/IoT Security Research Evangelist, Nozomi Networks
David Lancaster, Associate Partner, OT/IoT Security Practice Manager, IBM

Representing the sentiment of the founders, Sameer Koranne said,

“Digital transformation is modernizing the businesses, value chain, and customer experience. IoT and connectivity are crucial in this ‘Connected Everything’ era. Therefore, we have formed the IoT Security Foundation Houston Chapter – a society of practitioners, researchers, and learners to support and advance the IoT Security practice.”

John Moor, Managing Director, IoTSF welcomed the announcement by saying, “IoT security is a constant, and increasingly global battle between the cybersecurity defenders and a wide array of nefarious actors. It is therefore crucial we strive to be secure-by-design and resilient in operation. That’s a large undertaking and we need to make sure we spread IoT security awareness and proliferate best practices far and wide. Having discussed the creation of the Houston Chapter with its founders, I have been impressed with their energy, enthusiasm, and expertise. Their dedication to the cause will undoubtedly make a difference in our common goal of making it safe to connect.”

IoTSF Houston also announced their first event, a webinar entitled ‘Introduction to IoTSF Houston, TX’ which takes place on Thursday 1st June. Click HERE to register.

IoTSF is also encouraging more organisations and professionals around the world that share a desire to collaborate on IoT security to join the IoTSF mission and consider starting their own chapters.

Moor summarised the vision of IoTSF’s Chapter initiative by saying, “By collaborating at scale, we can build a more secure, robust and resilient IoT landscape.”

Interested parties can find more information about the Houston Chapter  and how to create a new Chapter.

Durgesh Kalya

Covestro LLC

Sameer Koranne


Roya Gordon

Nozomi Networks

David Lancaster