IoTSF is very pleased to announce its second Indian chapter, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The chapter founders are : Kottaram V Ramesh (Leader),  Vaidyanathan Chandramouli (Deputy Leader), Panchi S Subbu (Professional member) and Dr.R.Thriukkumaran (Professional member).

Chapter leader Ram said, “I’m very happy that IoTSF Chennai Chapter has been launched.

“We’re looking forward to bringing together professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts to collaborate, share insights, and contribute to the advancement of IoT security practices.

“We look to spread the best practices in our area which is the hub of technological innovations in IoT.”

He continued, “As a Chapter Leader, I’m eager to contribute to the IoT Security Foundation’s mission by
leveraging my extensive experience, knowledge, and passion for cybersecurity.

“I’m committed to promoting best practices, knowledge sharing, and collaboration within the IoT security community.

“My goal is to foster a strong network of professionals dedicated to addressing the unique challenges posed by IoT security.”

In the next 12 months, IoTSF Chennai aims to hold a minimum of four Chapter leadership meetings. There are also plans for “impactful Chapter events” in the first year “covering all quarters” with diverse workshops, seminars, and training sessions to cater to different interests within the IoT security domain.

Collaboration with educational institutions is also on the agenda with intentions to initiate discussions with local universities and colleges, offering expertise, resources, and collaborative opportunities to integrate IoT security into academic curricula.

Industry partnerships are also an ambition as well as an Annual Research Symposium with participation from academia and industry.


Chapter Leader Kottaram V Ramesh, a National Cyber Security Scholar is the Managing Director and the visionary force behind INGU’s Knowledge Academy and brand SkillsDA, a premier cyber security and IoT training hub in India.

He’s also the architect of the Cyber-Physical System, a smart city simulator that provides hands on inputs for research, teaching and product development.

With expertise in the technological landscape, he stands as a reliable authority in emerging technologies. His role highlights his practical contributions to the area of technology and training domains to ensure cyber security and IoT security to all.

Deputy Leader Vaidyanathan Chandramouli, known as Vaidy, is a seasoned expert with nearly 30 years in IT, GRC, resilience, and ESG.

He co-founded Apayapadh Advisory LLP, where he serves as Partner and Chief Insights Advisor.

Vaidy specializes in cybersecurity, IT/OT security, privacy, resilience, and ESG.

He’s also a certified Independent Director and board adviser, dedicated to learning and mentoring, and integrates the IKIGAI philosophy into his work and client advice.

Founder Panchi S Subbu is a payments system and Infosec professional with 27 years of IT and Infosec experience in BFSI and Fintech industry.

She has varied expertise in the field of Payments systems, IOT Security, Cyber forensics. She runs her IT company which is into Payments systems, Fintech and Cyber security. She is also on the boards of a few listed companies.

Founder Dr. Thirukkumaran R has over 25+ years of experience in Industry in IT-Teaching-Training-Research-Consultancy.

He has obtained his Ph.D. in the field of IoT. He’s also Head (R&D), IoT at SkillsDA – Chennai.

He has strong research expertise in the areas of Wireless Network, WSN, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, IoT, Industry 4.0 and 75 Students’ Satellites Mission 2022!

He’s a prolific researcher and writer in the field of data science/ML/information technology etc. He has published 11 Patents, 20 Papers in reputed international journals, 2 Books and 3 Book Chapters also published.