With the support of the ManySecured project partners, the  IoT Security Foundation has created a Special Interest Group (SIG) to facilitate Interoperable Security through Collaboration with stakeholders in the IoT ecosystem value chain.

The aims of the SIG are:

  • Produce Best Practice recommendations in the areas of Gateway Foundations, Secure Comms, Update Management, Network Isolation.
  • Develop and publish Problem Statements, Whitepapers, Requirements and Solutions.
  • Define methods and algorithms to monitor, detect threats and suspicious activity in IoT devices and networks.
  • Share datasets for: test purposes, malware trace data, fingerprints and patterns, sample network traffic of vulnerable and compromised devices.
  • Create reference (Open Source) implementation solutions.
  • Develop a ManySecured Certification Program.
  • Run trials with end users, customers and key stakeholders.

If you would like to learn more and are interested in joining the SIG, please CONTACT US.

Consumer IoT Attack Surface

Presentation by Nick Allott (nquiringminds).

Watch this and other videos on the YouTube ManySecured Playlist (click image below):

Consumer IoT Attack Surface

Click to see the video presentation by Nick Allott on the ManySecured YouTube Playlist.