The IoT Security Foundation has announced today that Duncan Purves has joined its central team and appointed as Projects and Operations Manager.

Duncan’s role includes the project management of the £2.7 million collaborative IoT gateway project named ‘ManySecured’ – details can be found here. He will also be Operations Manager for IoTSF member activities and will be supporting developments of the primary working groups to meet IoTSF’s mission to make it safe to connect.

John Moor, Managing Director of IoTSF said “I am truly delighted to welcome Duncan to the core IoTSF team. He brings valuable experience and insights that will boost our efforts to deliver services with members, and manage the successful outcome of the ManySecured collaborative gateway project with our partners.

Since we launched IoTSF in 2015 we have made solid progress in raising awareness of IoT cyber security issues and providing high quality, best practice advice for those who build, buy and use IoT. Our work is far from done however – security threats are always evolving and that means we also need to continuously ensure our defences are fit for purpose. Duncan’s energy, experience and work ethic will be a great asset to that cause.” 

Duncan Purves joins the IoT Security Foundation

Duncan Purves joins the IoT Security Foundation Team

On joining the IoT Security Foundation, Duncan Purves said;

“The IoT Security Foundation and its members have ‘led the way’ by creating ‘Secure Design Best Practice Guidance and a ‘Security Compliance Framework’.  Promoting IoT Security best practice has been a passion of mine for a number of years and therefore, I am very excited to be joining the team to support our mission to “help secure the Internet of Things” and ensure the success of the ManySecured project.”

About Duncan:

Duncan has held technical, business development and project management roles with industry leading IT and telecommunications companies including IBM, Vodafone, Motorola and Northern Telecom. Prior to joining the IoT Security Foundation, Duncan was an independent consultant and founder of the Internet of Things Thames Valley Meetup community and for the past 3 years ran the annual ‘SecureIoT’ Internet of Things Cyber Security conference. Duncan’s early career encompassed engineering management in the Defence & Space industry working for companies involved in state-of-the-art electronic component and system design, development and manufacture.