The IoTSF Plenary Chair Role is Key for Progress:

Since we launched The Internet of Things Security Foundation last September, we have been widely welcomed by industry, stakeholder groups and press around the globe. This is because of the growing realisation that the expanding universe of connected devices and systems provides not just a great business opportunity, but equally a great risk: The “great risk” requires a dedicated focus and immediate attention.

At IoTSF, we’re unique in that we’re not only looking at the new and the emerging security threats, but most importantly the necessary actions, as IoT progresses. The areas we are currently most interested in are those markets which are unregulated, applications where significant damage could occur, and where working practice needs to catch up. We’re especially interested to bring best practices to businesses who are new to IoT markets – i.e. those who may not be fully aware of what the implication of adding connectivity is and unlikely to have access to the right experts.

IoTSF prioritises its work through the Board and Plenary meetings – through them, we have identified a number of working groups. To further development the IoTSF organisation, we are now seeking to appoint a suitable candidate from the membership to become the Chair on the Plenary Group. This is a very important position – quite possibly the most important within IoTSF, as the Chair will play a crucial role in identifying and co-ordinating the timely delivery of quality outputs intended to have a global impact.

We’re therefore inviting IoTSF members to put themselves forward for this senior role. It will require time commitment and will therefore need the support of your employer. The Plenary Chair will also join the Executive Steering Board.

Is this you or someone you know within your organisation?
Interested to learn more or have an informal chat? We’d like to hear from you.

UPDATE: Applications for the role of IoTSF Plenary Chair are now open to member organisations.

To apply, send a one-page summary outlining the following:

  • Career summary (to indicate suitability)
  • Why you would be suited to the role and why IoTSF members should vote for you.
  • Nominations to be emailed to John Moor by May 20th

We look forward to receiving your application.

The Plenary Chairperson is one of the most important roles within IoTSF.

Could this be you or someone you know within your organisation?
Interested to learn more or simply have an informal chat? We’d like to hear from you.

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