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Enhancing Network Security with Device Descriptors. 

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The proliferation of IoT devices and legacy systems in today’s enterprise IT infrastructure has opened up new avenues for security threats. How should these devices behave and what do we know about them? To best protect IoT devices from these threats, network security managers need to find better ways to develop their operations and

Step into the future of vehicle security at the IoTSF conference!

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, incorporating advanced technologies and connectivity features into vehicles. However, this progress also brings forth new security challenges. While efforts are being made to address vulnerabilities in older vehicle equipment and the CAN BUS system, there is still work to be done in terms of integrity protection and authentication. The

The Strategies and place for Converged Security Centres in the Smart Built Environment

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The IoTSF Smart Built Environment (SBE) Group includes senior professionals from all areas of security risk management. The focus on collaboration between cyber and physical security is set out in its best practice guide for Facilities Professionals, stating ‘… it is essential that those teams work together’ (p17). Without a converged security strategy it is

The IoTSF publishes a new best practice guide on IoT Cybersecurity for Facilities Professionals in the Smart Built Environment

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The IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF) is delighted to announce the release of its latest best practice guide on IoT cybersecurity for Facilities Professionals in the Smart Built Environment (SBE). The IoTSF established a Smart Building working group in 2017, which has expanded its membership to over 50 senior leaders from a range of stakeholder

Continuous Assurance, Zero Trust Principles and the SNbD Digital Security by Design Challenge

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The Secure Networking by Design project is part of the Digital Security by Design Challenge aimed at improving cybersecurity in today's digital landscape. It recognises the importance of continuous assurance processes in mitigating the risks of advanced attacks and evolving threat scenarios. Continuous assurance is a key component of the ManySecured® system, an open ecosystem