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IoTSF provides stewardship for IoT security: You can belong to this dedicated global community – addressing the challenges head on, debating the issues, raising the quality bar, educating the market, becoming educated, providing solutions, seeking solutions – wherever you sit in the connected eco-system, you will find value through the IoTSF programme and the network.

As a member of the IoTSF you will receive access to a growing set of activities, projects and information such as:

  • ⇒ Access to
    o Knowledge networks and resources
    o Network professionals and world class academics
    o Papers: guidance and best practice
    o Market and trend briefings (as available)

  • ⇒ Projects
    o Members will have access to the outputs from projects.
    o Members will also be able to propose joint projects aligned to the mission and, when authorised, become part of the official programme.

  • ⇒ Events
    o Conferences and Workshops – many workshops will be free to attend and conferences will be discounted

  • ⇒ Access to Education and Training Activities (as available)

  • ⇒ Newsletter

  • ⇒ Marketing and brand benefits including
    o Profile listing
    o Sponsorship opportunities at member rates
    o Speaking opportunities at events
    o Opinion pieces / blog writing / article contributions

  • ⇒ Use IoTSF member only resources and guidelines

  • ⇒ Voice and Representation