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Internet of Things Thames Valley Meetup

Date: 7th February, 2018

Time: 6pm – 9.30 pm

Venue: Green Park Conference Centre: 100 Longwater Avenue Green Park, Reading RG2 6GP.

Website: https://www.meetup.com/Internet-of-Things-Thames-Valley

This is a free to attend event.



Andrew Jones from Arm, will be talking about their new Platform Security Architecture. The Platform Security Architecture (PSA) is a set of threat models, security analyses, hardware and firmware architecture specifications, and an open source firmware reference implementation. PSA provides a recipe, based on industry best practice, that allows security to be consistently designed in, at both a hardware and firmware level.

Sheridan Elliott from ITM Monitoring will be talking about the evolution of geotechnical and structural monitoring systems from the 1930s, where they used primitive devices, to today where wireless mesh, LPWAN and advanced analytics technologies are used. ITM Monitoring is a geotechnical and structural monitoring specialist with more than 20 years’ experience in design, installation and data provision for construction and asset monitoring systems.

Yuan Lee from Advantech will be talking about the differences between LoRa and LoRaWAN, their LoRa/LoRaWAN solution and how to setup your own private LoRa/LoRaWAN Network.

Mike Everest from Meniscus Systems, will be talking about the challenges of delivering real time & predictive analytics using radar rainfall data. Radar rainfall data is a difficult dataset to process and integrate with operational data. It’s a big dataset and updated every 5 minutes. The talk will quickly review why we are doing this and the type of predictive analytics we are looking to deliver and then most of the talk will cover the main challenges we faced and how they were solved. Examples include: Fusing actual radar and forecast data into one dataset; Aggregation of rainfall into polygons; Speed of processing including ability to create our own data types, using sub-grids and compression; Ensuring we get a consistent view of the data as we continually process the data.

Ben Howes from Overlock, will be talking about software exception tracking for the IoT. Understanding software exceptions in IoT deployments is no simple task and all too often means to track errors are an after thought. Ben will talk about the challenges, current tools and how Overlock is working to improve the situation.

Ed Cooper from VitalSix, will let us know about an IoT/Smart City themed Hackathon in March 2018. This will be delivered with partners Microshare, Microchip and other sponsors. There will also be the opportunity for IoT businesses to apply for a place on a 4 month Accelerator programme. Both of these events will be run by the Innovation Catalyst, a partnership between VitalSix, Barclays, Henley Business School and Thames Valley Science Park that will create a community of technical innovators and entrepreneurs based in a new 65 workstation collaboration and co-working space in the new Gateway building on the Science Park.


Meetup Agenda

6.00 – 6.45 Drinks & Pizza Reception, Networking and meet the exhibitors

6.45 Welcome – Duncan Purves

6.50 “Arm Platform Security Architecture” Andrew Jones, System Architect, Arm

7.10 “Challenges of delivering real time & predictive analytics using radar rainfall data” Mike Everest, Managing Director, Meniscus Systems

7.25 “Evolution of Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring into the IoT World” Sheridan Elliott, Data Acquisition & System Integration Manager, ITM Monitoring

7.40 ‘Showcase’

–  “Overlock – Software exception tracking for the IoT” Ben Howes, CEO, Zoetrope

–  “IoT Tech Expo” Carly Whittle

–  “IoT/Smart City Hackathon” Ed Cooper, Director, VitalSix

–  “Setup your Private LoRa/LoRaWAN Network in 3-steps” Yuan Lee, Product Sales Manager & Solutions Architect, Advantech iConnectivity Europe

8.00 ‘Open to the Floor’

8.05 ‘IoT contract & job opportunities’

– Patrick Knightley, Anderson Young

– Matthew Smith, LynxPro

8.15 – 9.30 Networking and meet the exhibitors

Confirmed Exhibitors:

– Advantech

– Connect2 Systems

– ConnectTVT

– IoT Tech Expo

– LynxPro


Regitration & More Information: https://www.meetup.com/Internet-of-Things-Thames-Valley

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