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IoTSF Houston Webinar – Securing the Future: Unlocking IoT Potential with ioXt Certification

Dive into the forefront of IoT security with the ioXt Alliance in this exclusive webinar. Explore how ioXt Certification is paving the way for robust security standards, crucial for the sensitive operations of today’s top enterprises. Discover how you can shape the future of security standards by joining our industry-led workgroups and seize the opportunity to get involved with other experts in the IIoT field. Don’t miss out on fortifying your IoT ecosystem and ensuring the safety of your operations.

Ms Grace Burkard

Grace Burkard, Director of Operations at ioXt Alliance, spearheads ioXt’s overall efforts in setting baseline security requirements to build a safer IoT world. Through her work with stakeholders and various international regulatory organizations, Grace plays a key role in harmonizing and standardizing security and privacy requirements, product compliance programs, and public transparency of those requirements and programs.

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