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Cloud computing is going through a significant overhaul and continues to grow globally with increasing presence of hyperscale cloud providers for big data, high-performance computing (HPC), and analytics. In-house data centers are increasingly going off-premise, resulting in the co-location of data centers that manage and store data for companies and application developers to improve scalability and reduce IT costs. This huge, and growing, amount of data with confidential and critical information must be protected. In addition, new laws and regulations to comply with data privacy rules, along with standards updates for PCI Express (PCIe) and CXL for Integrity and Data Encryption (IDE), put more pressure on solution providers to secure their systems and data starting with the SoC.

In this presentation, attendees will:

  • Learn about today’s known threats for cloud and edge computing systems
  • Understand new developments in PCIe and CXL security solutions, including IDEs
  • Walk through a cloud computing use case that addresses the applications’ security, performance, and latency requirements with DesignWare® Security IP


By the end of the presentation, attendees will understand the importance of securing data moving through PCIe and CXL interfaces, market point of view, and get a reference example for how security can be addressed with DesignWare IP.


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