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Free Smart Buildings and Enterprise IoT Security Workshop by IoT Security Foundation Working Group

We would like to invite you to join us on Monday 20th January 2020 at the IoT Security Foundation’s Workshop on the challenges of IoT Security for Smart Buildings. The main focus of our discussions will be to agree an outline of content for a new Guideline which includes the perspectives of the key Smart Buildings’ Security stakeholders.

There are many stakeholders who have a need, and interest, in fit for purpose security in this area – from solution providers to occupiers. Hence the issues are likely widespread and multi-faceted.

In short, the increasing number of exposed IoT vulnerabilities suggest that something needs to be done to respond to the growing threats that accompany the adoption of connected (“IoT”) technologies in buildings. We assert that the best way to address the many issues is collaboratively, with key stakeholders. Hence the starting objective we’ve set for the group, is ‘to understand, specify, procure, install/integrate, validate, operate and maintain IoT systems securely in buildings throughout the working life’.

But we’d like to hear what you think – what is your perspective?

1. What problems in the Smart Buildings’ cyber security space have you experienced or know of?

2. Which are the most urgent problems you think need to be addressed? For example, because the impact and risk are both high.

3. What is your view on the different needs, roles, and responsibilities of the Smart Building eco-system and other stakeholders? – such as:

  • Technology providers and integrators: how should they provision fit for purpose security over the intended life cycle? What assurances should they provide?
  • Demand-side users: operators and occupiers. What is required for successful deployment and maintenance?
  • Government, policy makers and regulators: Is there a need for basic regulation?

Further questions we would like to consider as a group.

  • Is there enough awareness and advice for keeping smart buildings safe across different stakeholders?
  • What are the relevant standards and best practices that are currently used in the design, implementation, procurement, operation/maintenance of smart building systems? How well do they achieve their goals? Is anything missing or that could be improved?

Finally, in the light of these questions, and to get the most out of the workshop please consider this question: What are the top 3 challenges you think the group should begin to address and where you have an interest to help solve?

Please take a little time to prepare so we can get the best out of the available time.

Monday 20th January 2020 12:00-16:30

Registration & Lunch: 12:00-13:00; Workshop 13:00-16:30

Free to attend

We look forward to meeting you and working with you.

Sarb Sembhi and James Willison, IoT Security Foundation Smart Buildings Leaders

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