The ManySecured Working Group meets every four weeks on a Tuesday and continues to participate in national and international projects of significant importance. It is supporting the UKRI Digital Security by Design Challenge and the Secure Networking by Design project with the University of Oxford, NquiringMinds and TechWorks.

The aim is to “reduce the threat and scale of remotely initiated cyber-attacks, securing the network against memory-based vulnerabilities.”
The group had a very high profile at the IoTSF annual conference with Dr Nick Allott and Professor Andrew Martin, University of Oxford, giving fantastic insights into our work. We were delighted that Richard Grisenthwaite, Exec VP and Chief Architect, ARM, highlighted the capability of the CHERI Morello project and that UKRI sponsored our event.

We are proud to advise that several of our group are also leaders in the NIST NCCOE Trusted IoT onboarding project and spoke at a NIST webinar on November 1st attended by over 300 people. Some key points on BRSKI WIFI are being proposed and so we would love you to get involved.

A key benefit of joining the ManySecured working group is the opportunity to hear first-hand about these major projects and contribute to them.

Why not join our next meeting on Tuesday 23rd January to find out more?

James Willison, Project and Engagement Manager, IoTSF.