The IoTSF SBE Group has relaunched two key projects and founded a brand new group since featuring at the IoTSF Annual conference in November.

The IoTSF SBE group goes from strength to strength since our highly successful publication in March, IoT Cybersecurity for Facilities Professionals in the SBE, which has had more than 700 downloads.

This past November at the IoTSF annual conference, we recognised the significance of burnout and stress for CISOs. [Thank you to Mark Rowe for this fantastic report in the December edition of the Professional Security Magazine. ]

The IoTSF sees itself as the home for IoT Security and provides a community of strength and support for our members. As a result, a new CISO group has been formed which proposes to help SMEs with practical business policies for AI and cybersecurity. A win-win for all.

One of the outcomes of the Covid lockdowns were the volumes of significant content produced by our other IoTSF groups. We worked hard on these and are determined that this important material is published. So the Building Owners and Manufacturers groups were relaunched in November and December. Both have gained some leading new industry members to provide support and peer review of the draft material. It’s a demonstration that we can produce vendor neutral content of the highest quality with leaders from respected organisations who have joined all three groups.

These groups are now meeting monthly and the IoTSF will be publishing new guidance written by each one in 2024.

James Willison, Project and Engagement Manager, IoTSF.