UK Government Announces New IoT Product Security Regime

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What just happened? The minimum IoT security requirements for consumer products have just notched up a peg from "should" to "shall". The legislation comes into force for the UK market on April 29th 2024. Draft Consumer Protection Security Requirements On 29th April 2023, the UK government announced that the countdown has begun

UK Government Update on Plans for Consumer IoT Security Regulation

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Today, UK's Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) published its response to the Secure by Design call for views in its quest to change the law to make ‘smart’ products - like televisions, cameras and household appliances that connect to the Internet - more secure for consumers to use.

Consumer IoT manufacturing – what could possibly go wrong?

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By Ken Munro, Director Pen Test Partners In terms of innovation, companies that make IoT devices are leaders, almost by default. They speed their products to market to fix problems that many of us didn’t know we even had. They give consumers the ability to feel that they are in some way “at home”