IoT Security Foundation Conference 2022 Videos

We’d like to extend a final thank you to all our amazing speakers, the event sponsors, partners and the IoT Security Foundation membership for making our  international conference such a great success.

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IoT & Security Risk Management

Cameras, CACs & Clocks: Enterprise IoT Security Sucks – A Story of Two Million Interrogated Devices

Brian Contos, Chief Security Officer of Phosphorus Cybersecurity

Patching & Vulnerability Management are a losing game for IoT security. What can we do differently?

Arthur Braunstein, Vice President of Sales and Business Development of Sternum

How To Win At Playing The IIoT Security Game

Ken Metcalf, CTO of Reslam

Strengthening the IoT Ecosystem: Privacy Preserving IoT Security Management

Anna Maria Mandalari, Assistant Professor at Imperial College London

IoT Security Policy, Compliance & Assurance

UK Product Security & Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Bill Update

James Deacon and Rhys Duncan, IoT Product Security Team in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)

Is agile certification an oxymoron?

Paul Kearney, Professor of Cybersecurity in the Networks and Cybersecurity Department at Birmingham City University (BCU)

Lessons learned from building a Global federated IoT Security Certification

Matt Tett, Managing Director of Enex P/L 

Xiaomi IoT Technology and Security Compliance

Natalia Ares, Deputy Director of Government Relations and Public Affairs at Xiaomi