IoT Security Foundation  Conference 2019


We’d like to say thank you to all our amazing speakers, the event sponsors, partners and the IoT Security Foundation membership for making our 2019 conference such a great success.

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Smart Environments – what are they and who is responsible for security?
Sarb Sembhi, CEO & CISO, Virtually Informed

ENISA’s efforts on Industry 4.0 Cyber Security
Dr. Apostolos Malatras, Network and Security Expert, ENISA

Security for the Secure Home Gateway
Michael Richardson, Chief Scientist, Sandelman Software Works (CIRA Labs)

Things are only secure until they are not. How can we “Be Secure”?
Jon Geater, CTO, Jitsuin

Cybersecurity in Space
Nigel Mackie CEO and Dr Chris Mobley CTO of Blueskytec

All at Sea – IoT challenges in the Maritime Sector
Andy Jones, CISSP, Information Security Forum (ISF)

Building, Securing & Deploying Smart Industrial Solutions
Robert Dobson, Director of Technology, Device Authority

How to transform a tiny medical device into a secure one in easy steps
Vincent Van De Leest, Intrinsic ID