IoT Security Foundation  Conference 2019


We’d like to say thank you to all our amazing speakers, the event sponsors, partners and the IoT Security Foundation membership for making our 2019 conference such a great success.

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Vulnerability Disclosure in IoT: the good the bad and the legal threats
Mark Neve, Technical Lead, Copper Horse

Oops… I didn’t think of that: Unintended consequences and IoT
Simon Watson, Security Consultant, NCC Group

When disclosure leads to exposure… My IoT Vendor Story
Colleen Wong, Founder TechSixtyFour

Digital Security: Where we are still getting things wrong – and what can we do about it
Sam Pumphrey Cambridge Consultants

The ManySecured Gateway Project and the IoT Endpoint Problem
Nick Allott, CEO NquiringMinds

Deploying Security during IoT Service Lifecycle
Miguel Ángel Recio, IoT Security Product Manager – Telefonica

Simple Cyber: Proving Resilience in the Face of Cyber Attacks
Peter Davies, Technical Director Thales E-Security

Digital Security: The Role of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in IoT Security
Mike Nelson, VP, IoT Security DigiCert