The first IoTSF Bangalore event took place on Wednesday 14th June at KPMG in Koramangala.

The session was a perfect reflection of the IoTSF mission, focusing on enhancing security in the rapidly expanding world of IoT. It provided invaluable insights and discussions on cutting-edge security practices, frameworks and challenges in this dynamic field.

IoTSF Bangalore would like to extend heartfelt appreciation to the organising team – Mike Bartley (Tessolve), Abhishek Kumar (Tessolve), Disha Rajkumar (Tessolve), Christopher Bennison (IoT Security Foundation), Amitesh Kumar (Honeywell), Amar Prusty (DXC Technology), Anish Mitra (KPMG India), Harsha Bhat (KPMG India), Syed Osman Maqsood (KPMG India) and Karthik Aryan (KPMG India). Their efforts in bringing together industry experts and enthusiasts have undoubtedly contributed to the event’s resounding success.

Thanks also go to sponsors KPMG India for their generous support and to Device Authority for the support provided for this event.

IoTSF Bangalore are also immensely grateful to speakers – John Moor (IoT Security Foundation), Anish Mitra, Sony Anthony (KPMG India), Aseem Jakhar (Payatu), Ganesh Subramanya (Tata), Britto Sidhan (Schneider Electric), Jayant Thakur (Google), Shyamkant Dhamke (Wipro), Sathya Krishna (Bosch), Rejin Sathianesan (Bosch), Vishal Kumar Jaiswal (STQC), Atanu Niyogi (L&T) and Jacxine Fernandez (Bangalore International Airport) who graciously shared their knowledge and expertise through captivating talks. Their valuable contributions enriched the discussions and furthered our understanding of IoT security.

Co-organiser Amit Rao (Device Authority) said,

“We express our gratitude to all the attendees who actively participated and made this meetup an engaging and insightful experience.

“Your enthusiasm and passion for IoT security are what make this community thrive!”

Look out for more exciting events and initiatives from IoTSF Bangalore as they continue their mission to foster a secure and resilient IoT ecosystem.