IoT Security Foundation Virtual Conference 2021 Videos


We’d like to extend a final thank you to all our amazing speakers, the event sponsors, partners and the IoT Security Foundation membership for making our  international conference such a great success.

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IoTSF Managing Director’s Opening Address

John Moor, Managing Director, IoT Security Foundation

IoTSF Framework Step by Step Implement in Xiaomi – Kevin Song – IoTSF Conference 4th Nov 2021

Kevin Song, Head of Cyber Security Compliance, Xiaomi

API fails: The one ring to rule all IoT

Ken Munro, Founder & Partner,Pen Test Partners

IoT product development starts with compliance planning

Clive Watts, Director of Product Management
Secure Thingz

Assessing & mitigating RF cyber security vulnerabilities in low cost IoT

Mark Beach, Professor of Radio Systems Engineering, University of Bristol

Making Medical IoT Security Matter at the Executive Level

Dr Saif Abed, Founding Partner & Director of Cybersecurity Advisory Services, AbedGraham Group

From Business Risk to Patient Safety: A Discussion on Cybersecurity in

Julie Chua, Manager, HHS Risk Management, Office of Information Security U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Erik Decker, Chief Information Security Officer & Director, Data Center & Cloud Services, Intermountain Health

U.S. FDA 101: Introduction to Medical Device Security

Kevin Fu, Acting Director, Medical Device Cybersecurity, Program Director for Cybersecurity, Digital Health Center of Excellence U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Medical Device, Healthcare & Critical Infrastructure Security

Elizabeth Wharton (SCYTHE), Saif Abed (AbedGraham Group),Julie Chua (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Erik Decker, Intermountain Health), mKevin Fu (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

Cybersecurity Executive Order Decoder Ring for Healthcare’s Critical Systems

Elizabeth Wharton, Chief of Staff, SCYTHE

The rise of collaboration in the IoT ecosystem

Rob Dobson (VP Technology Partners)and Paul Lockley (VP Sales), Device Authority

Using a Zero Trust security Model in AWS IoT

Andrew Delamere, Senior IoT Specialist Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Cyber Risk management in the maritime domain – the role of the CIRM Cyber Risk Code of Practice

Philip Lane, Technical Officer, Comité International Radio-Maritime (CIRM)

A random walk through 1,000,000 Things

Chris Rouland, Founder / CEO, Phosphorus Cybersecurity

Securing the most mobile of IoT products – the connected car

David Rogers, Founder / CEO, Copper Horse