The next webinar topic is IoT and the Software Bill of Materials on Thursday 23rd February at 0900-1000 EST, 1400-1500 GMT, 1500-1600 CET and 1930-2030 IST.

A ‘software bill of materials’ (SBoM) has emerged as a key building block in software security and software supply chain risk management. IoTSF will soon publish best practice guidance to help vendors and the industry understand the relevance to IoT and navigate the nuances of SBoM.

With IoTSF’s Chris Bennison hosting, our speakers will be:

Allan Friedman US Senior Advisor and Strategist, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Amyas Phillips Ambotec & IoTSF Supply Chain Integrity Project Chair

Robert Dobson Vice President Technology Partners, Device Authority

followed by a Q&A

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