How to Protect Connected Home Devices and Appliances from Cyber Attacks

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By David West, Engineering Director of Icon Labs. The original article can be seen here. In July of 2014, HP Labs did a study of 10 popular IoT devices and found security was shockingly bad. The researchers studied 10 devices, looking at end-to-end security capabilities including privacy protection, authorization, encryption, user interface protection, and

Establishing Principles for Internet of Things Security Part 4

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Is it necessary to restrict access to or control of the device? In part four of the blog series on principles for IoT security, we look at general requirements in order to help prevent unauthorised access or control. If an attacker gains control of the device they may be able to access sensitive data,

Establishing Principles for Internet of Things Security Part 2

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Does the data need to be trusted? In part one of this blog series, we looked at whether the data needs to be private? In this blog, we tackle the issue of trust in IoT devices and systems. Data may need to be protected from tampering/modification in transit. This may be a malicious attacker,