IoT Security Foundation Conference 2019

Held at the the ILEC Conference Centre, London

The 5th Annual IoT Security Foundation Conference was a one-day event held at the ILEC Conference Centre, London

The 2019 IoTSF annual conference brought vendors and users together with security experts, researchers and key stakeholders.

Keynote Talks

“The Implications of IoT on Victims/Survivors of Gender-Based Domestic Violence & Abuse2

Dr Leonie Maria Tanczer, Lecturer in International Security & Emerging Technologies, University College London

Track 1 – Security by Design

“Can IoT security risk management be made simple?”

Paul Kearney, Head of Cybersecurity Research, Birmingham City University

“RISE – Hardware Security and the latest R&D”

Dr. Philip Hodgers, Technology Project Manager, RISE

“Secure Messaging, Key Management & Device Identity for the IoT ”

Andrew John Poulter, Principal Computer Scientist (Dstl), UK Ministry of Defence (Dstl) / University of Southampton

“Towards a base security level in IoT – a deployment and regulatory perspective”

Erwin Jansen, Manager Service Line Advisory for Audit and Certification, Secura B.V.

“Secure Firmware Updates for IoT devices using IETF SUIT”

Brendan Moran, Staff Research Engineer, Arm Research

“Challenged by IoT security? Discover how a modern certificate-less cryptosystem has solved the security dilemma”

Hisham Lamei,, Chief Operating Officer, VIBE Cybersecurity International LLC

Track 2 – Applied Security

“Building, Securing and deploying smart industrial solutions”

Robert Dobson, Director of Technology, Device Authority

“Smart Environments – what are they and who is responsible for security?”

Sarb Sembhi, CTO & CISO, Virtually Informed

“Security for the Secure Home Gateway”

Michael Richardson, Chief Scientist, Sandelman Software Works (CIRALabs)

“Things are only secure until they are not. How can we “Be Secure”?”

Jon Geater, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, Jitsuin

“ENISA’s efforts on Industry 4.0 cybersecurity”

Dr. Apostolos Malatras, Network and Information Security Expert, ENISA

“How to transform a tiny medical device into a secure one in easy steps”

Geert-Jan Schrijen, CTO, Intrinsic ID B.V.

“All at Sea – IoT challenges in the maritime sector”

Andy Jones CISSP, Distinguished Analyst, Information Security Forum

Track 3 – Resilience

“When Disclosure Leads To Exposure… My IoT Vendor Story”

Colleen Wong, Founder, Techsixtyfour

“Public Key Infrastructure: The Starting Point for IoT Security”

Mike Nelson, VP of IoT Security, DigiCert

“Responsible Disclosure Training Taster”

Mark Neve, Technical Lead, Copper Horse

Training Talks

“How to Test the Security of an Arm Cortex-M IoT device using Open Source and Free Tools”

David Long, Principal Member Technical Staff, Doulos